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A Paramount Firm For Trading Of Turkish Goods

Roho Moja Trading - A group of companies created to work progressively in the field of  import & export while providing a secure platform to facilitate trade and investment in Turkey(Türkiye).

With years of global trade experience and a dynamic staff, we bridge the gap to supply our clients the best quality products from Turkey (Türkiye) to the rest of the globe. 

With profonde knowledge of regional and international sales channels, Roho Moja sets the standards for all business partners in line with long-term and forward-thinking viewpoints, supplying products that sell fast, competitive pricing policy and expert logistics support, all while ensuring a trouble-free delivery to many countries worldwide.


From the geographical location and hub of modern day production of quality goods, we stand as the bridge of success with best possible business outcome for all individuals and firms already in business or willing to get into business in Türkiye (Turkey).

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Mission & Vission

Our Mission & Vission

To expand and advance together by working with dynamic, ever-evolving enterprises that keep moving forward via open trade and providing dependable, effective import and export solutions.

With a vast network and partners we commit to providing goods of quality at the best competitive market prices globally.

Let’s finesse your projects together

We offer project furnishing services in a variety of industries, including the commercial, health, construction and educational sectors, to ensure that the projects are fully stocked with the essential goods. Getting the needed items in the needed quality is something that our organization is focused in achieving.